Monday, August 20, 2012


My last post was dated January of 2011. So much time had passed. What I was experiencing then are just now a part of my memory. Those are moments that I visit sometimes in a little corner in my mind, wishing that somehow I could relive them even just for a day.

I was working for the reality show 'I Dare You' back then. I left the show. I left the network. I left a big part of my dreams. I closed the door to the dream I had for years. I realized that it was not really what I wanted. Or maybe that wasn't really my dream. It was just a part of a bigger dream that I still have but I had to 'detour' or probably take a different route to get there. I wanted to study. Again.

Then, I worked for a call center as a sales representative for a travel website. Daily, I received hotel reservations for foreign customers. It was both fun and exhausting. I kind of liked the mix of both until I decided to leave again. The hardest part of leaving was 'breaking up' with my closest friends there for quite some time. I derailed my own life once again.

Up until now, I haven't gotten a job yet. Like my previous job, it's both fun and exhausting. It's fun doing nothing, which can be exhausting at times. It's exhausting to be penniless, which can be fun at times. I spend time with my friends and they take care of me while I'm stuck thousands of miles below the poverty line. They make me feel I have the greatest friends in the world. I owe them so much that I want to work hard soon so I could show them how much I appreciate everything they have done for the past months.

Now, as I sit here in this dark room and convincing myself to get some sleep, I'm thinking of the next steps that I need to take to regain my old, hardworking self again. Though I'm more of a spontaneous person, I mentally plan everything that I do. Right now I'm planning to end this post but I don't know how or at which point should I stop.

I'll just hope and strive for the best and see. I'll also try to post something here again soon. Or you can also see me on Twitter most of the time. Follow me here. Thank you for your precious time.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back From Nowhere

Wow. It took 16 months before I finally got to visit this blog site once again. I don't know why I stopped posting or why I went back after months of being dormant. And I think nobody cares if I stuff this with my blogs or not. It was never a full-grown blog (like the ones you see all over the net) and I believe it would never be. It only serves as an outlet of my thoughts, rants, opinions or anything that I know nobody would spend time reading. It's pessimistic. Negative.

16 months. So many things have changed since my last post. I was a student then, trying to figure out the direction of this life. Maybe I stopped posting because I was busy doing our thesis. It took a large portion of my life back then. It was successful at first but it didn't have that happy ending.

I graduated. It was a dream come true. I studied hard for 16 years and I knew it made my parents happy. They were proud of me. And I didn't just study - I learned. I was not the good, smart, all-knowing and studious student sent from above. I was never a teacher's pet. I cut classes. I copied homeworks and exams. I scribbled on my paper during discussions. But I learned everything my way and I never regret. It was all part of the learning.

Now, I'm putting to use all those learnings in my everyday life. I got my job a month before I graduated. I prayed for it and I got it. I'm now working for a big TV network where I know life will never be easy. It's a whole new world out here. I'm starting to live on my own as I try to be more independent from anyone's support. My job is a bit more demanding from the common jobs we know. I'm starting from scratch - learning the job, the company and its people. We're putting up a reality show but there's a bigger reality show happening in our everyday life.

And that was a very brief rundown of what happened to me while I was away. Hehe. After a month and a week, I'll be 21. I don't know where this life leads. When I was a student, I was looking forward to my graduation. Now that I finished schooling, I'm actually clueless of what to expect or hope for. Every day becomes an ordeal. All I know is I have to be at my best, always. But I'll never stop learning. It's one of those small things I learned from schooling.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 10: Every Drop Counts

09.11.09 (Friday)

I was a bit excited when I went to the station that morning. Ma'am Nene told Pat (new intern) and I two days before that we had to join them for a 'stick-on' event at Shell Magallanes. It was a partnership between Shell and Mellow. As soon as I hit the station, I grabbed CDs from the shelf and started typing them one by one.

I also learned that DJ Ingrid wasn't coming and DJ Angel would be in charge of the Afternoon Cruise. But unfortunately, she would do that alone since Pat and I were leaving, and Mr. V would also leave early for his birthday party the next day. It was 2 in the afternoon when we were called by Ma'am Mavic.

We went to the office and we were asked to prepare the IDs. But we had to leave as soon as possible so we had to finish that in the van. And so we took EDSA which was a little traffic then. We arrived at Shell Magallanes early for the event that was supposed to happen by 4 p.m. so we just prepared everything - the table, tarpaulins, stickers, and some chips.

When we started, Ma'am Mavic was the one asking the drivers if we could post Mellow and Shell 'Every Drop Counts' stickers at their rear window of their car. If in case they would be spotted by radio DJs and reporters with that sticker on their car, they'd get P800 on the spot. But Pat, Carlo (one of SOJs), and I had to form a team of our own and did things on ourselves. Some agreed but there were also those who didn't care at all. It was challenging to put stickers on wet windows (because it was raining then) but we still did great. We stopped by 7 p.m. and went to a fast food chain to eat and then went back to the station.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 9: Thirty Thursday Again

09.10.09 (Thursday)

DJ Ingrid was not able to make it to her program Afternoon Cruise today so Ms. Chloe came early to fill for her. I got to read some of the messages on the textline and they were surprised to hear Ms. Chloe as early as 2 p.m. And also did the news for C&C Music Factory before the program started. When Sir Chris came and asked me about it, I proudly told him I was done with that. Jensen, the other intern, came but left early so I was the only intern for C&C.

When the program started, Ms. Chloe asked me to sit by the phone so I could answer the calls and take the requests for the 30 Thursday. I went to the other computer between the two DJs and did what Ms. Chloe told me. It was my first time to answer the phone in the station. And everything went well. The thirty songs request were even finished by 7:30 p.m. Before I left, Sir Chris asked me to eat longganisa sent by some listeners of Mellow who happened to be selling that product.

Day 8: CDs Galore

09.09.09 (Wednesday)

Lots of 9's today and the rain was still busy invading the whole Metro Manila area. I arrived at the booth soaking wet though I had my umbrella. When I sat on the couch, Mr. Tzing asked me to type the CDs on a big shelf behind the DJ's seats. He asked me to start at Selection 29 and continue until the very end of the shelf. I guess there were hundreds of CDs on that shelf. And so I started. The songs were mostly from 70's and 80's. I typed for 4 hours and finished 20 CDs (I know I was working too slow, hehe).

I stopped by 3 p.m. so I could prepare for the C&C Music Factory. A new intern also came. Kjwan went to the booth to sing acoustic versions of their songs. Their lead vocalist, Marc Abaya, came late because of the traffic but he still managed to sing some songs. DJ Ingrid also asked me to find a news for her. And so I did a national news -- about Ninoy Aquino. I also e-mailed Mr. Tzing the list of songs I encoded.

Day 7: Kimmy Dora Day

09.07.09 (Monday)

It was a normal day. A bit gloomy since the weather was not that good. I could see from the windows of the booth the dark clouds covering the skies. The rain poured the entire day and it added to the coldness of the booth. Good thing Mr. V, DJ Angel, and I didn't forget to bring jackets that time.

After I had my lunch at a not-so-distant place from Paragon Plaza, I went back to the booth hurriedly because the rain might fell harder. Few minutes and Eugene Domingo came. We were so happy to see her personally inside the booth. She dropped by to thank those who watched her movie Kimmy Dora and to encourage more people to watch as well. She was so funny and friendly and we really enjoyed the short time she visited us in Mellow. A lot of people there also went to the booth to take pictures with her.

When Eugene Domingo left, I immediately turned to the computer and made the news for C&C Music Factory early because I would be leaving the station by 4 p.m. I texted Ms. Chloe and she allowed me to leave as early as 4. I finished all the news and sent it to C&C's e-mail address.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 6: Charm Is In

09.04.09 (Friday)

At last, Friday came fast and I could smell some rest at the end of the day. It was a rainy morning but the weather didn't stop me from going to the station. And because it was the first Friday of the month, there were foods inside the office. Mr. V and DJ Angel asked us to go and get our lunch.

DJ Ingrid was absent so DJ Indi filled for her on the Afternoon Cruise. It was the first time I 'heard' Ms. Indi go on-air on a daytime because she's from Mellow Nights with Marco. After that, C&C Music Factory immediately followed. I was a bit surprised when Charm (my classmate) tapped my back though I was really expecting her to come that afternoon. Mo and Charm would be having a short training for their boardwork the next day since they're part of the School of Jocks Batch 3. They had to have a connection as partners and Sir Chris told them the do's and don't's. In order to learn something that day, I also listened and absorbed the things Sir Chris told them. I was also impressed the way Charm talked and delivered news on-air. The boss even told Ms. Chloe that Mo and Charm sounds good together. Charm really deserves to be a part of the School of Jocks.